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If we don’t have it in stock we will find it at the price you want to pay!

Ask About Repair Services

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Repairing Telecom Equipment We are your single source equipment provider and repair center for all of your Microwave Radio, Central Office, Power, Relay Racks, Data and Enclosure Telecom Equipment.

Ask us about our Advanced Repair Program. You will get tested good products before you have time to send in your bad telecom equipment.

Some examples of the telecom equipment we provide and Microwave Radio we can repair for you include:

Proxim Lynx 67806, and 67807 TSUNAMI GX 200 RFU, Low RF Unit, 301-58016-51L0 or 301-52000-L, GX90 or GX200, TSUNAMI GX 200 RFU, Hi RF Unit, 301-58010-51H0 or 301-52016-H GX90 or GX200

Alcatel or Alcatel-Lucent MPR9500, MDR8000, MDR7000, MDR6000, MDR5000 and MDR4000, 1603, ASAM1000, ASAM7300.

Harris Farinon or Aviat Microstar, Megastar, DVM6, Constellation, and Truepoint Radio.

Telco Systems DCB24, Edgelink 100, Edgelink 300, 828A, Metrobility, Access 60, EtherEdge, EtherReach 2000, EXMII, MM840, Delta Class.

CAC 930-0073, 930-0107 Widebank 28 Multiplexers, Adit 600, Access Navigator, Axxius 800.

Exalt EX-5i-16 5.8ghz, EX-5i-DS3 5.8ghz, Ex-2-4i-16, Lite, EX-11i-DS3-GigE.

Adtran Tracer, MX2800, Opti-6100, Opti-3, All of the Total Access, TA 1000, TA 1100, TA 1148, TA 1200, TA 1500, TA 3000, TA 5000 and so much more.

We have over 19,000 line items and over 200,000 parts in stock and getting in more everyday.

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Make sure to check out all the benefits of our repair services!


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H4TU-C-319-L52 H4TU-C-319-L52 HI GAIN HDSL2
H4TU-R-402-L52 H4TU-R-402-L52 HDSL4 RM 1431764
H4TU-R-402-L53 H4TU-R-402-L53 H4 RM 200 MECH LS2 & LS3
Adtran Adtran
1181403L2 1181403L2 TA3000 OCTAL SHDSL
1181416L1 1181416L1 TA3000 MLPPP CARD
1186001L1 1186001L1 MX2820 19-in. 17 SLOT CHASSIS
1186001L2 1186001L2 MX2820 CHASSIS 23"
1187020G2 1187020G2 TA5000 SM 2GE RG
1187520E1. 1187520E1 TA5000 REPEATER LINE MODULE
1200127L1HS 1200127L1HS DUAL DSU DP
1200373L1 1200373L1 BCU
1200379L1 1200379L1 TSU 600 DC POWER SUPPLY
1202086L1 1202086L1 ISU 512 W/U INTERFACE
1202086L3 1202086L3 ISU 512-S/T
1204659L1 1204659L1 MX2800 STS-1 CONTROLLER W/MDM
1204659L2 1204659L2 MX2800 STS-1 CONTROLLER W/O MDM
1212038L1 1212038L1 DDST III AUTO RATE ADAPT
1223026L2 1223026L2 T1 HDSL2 TRCVR UN-RT
1223441L2 1223441L2 T200 H4R
4212083LID#A 4212083LID#A TR ISDN
4212904L1 4212904L1 TOTAL ACCESS 904 2ND GEN
4212908L1 4212908L1 Total Access 908 2ND GEN
4213616L5 4213616L5 TA 616 SHDSL W/DSX-1
4213624L5 4213624L5 TA624 SHDSL W/DSX-1
4213680L5 4213680L5 TA608 SHDSL W/DSX-1
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