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Repair Services

Repairing Telecom Equipment We also have a repair program that can help you with your budget. Some examples of the telecom equipment we can repair include Proxim Lynx, Alcatel MDR, Harris Farinon microwave radio equipment, and Carrier Access widebank 28 multiplexers.

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Make sure to check out all the benefits of our repair services!

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We Buy, Sell & Repair All Brands Of Used Telecommunication Equipment from you easily!


We are new Distributors for Telco Systems! SingleSource Communications buys, sells, and repairs new and used telecommunications, data, and microwave radio equipment. We are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective quality products and solutions and superior customer service. Whether you’re a independent or major telephone company or any other company in need of telecom products, we want to be the only place you turn to buy or sell your surplus equipment.

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Leading Manufacturers We Feature Now


Telecom Tower At SingleSource Communications, we sell telecom equipment from most major manufacturers, including ADC™, Adtran™, AFC™, Alcatel™, Cisco™, DSC™, Extreme Networks™, Fujitsu™, Harris™, Lenkurt™, Lucent™, Motorola™, NEC™, Nortel™, Pairgain™, Pulsecom™, RTEC™, Siemens™, Telco Systems™, Telect™, Tellabs™, Wescom™, Western Multiplex™. We are also new equipment distributors for Adtran Wireless™ and Westell™.

This includes Proxim Lynx,Alcatel MDR,Harris Constellation,Carrier Access Widebank,Tellabs Titan 5500,Nortel DMS,Fujitsu FLM,Adtran Tracer,AFC Dmax,Cisco 15454 all types of power and microwave equipment, as well as 19″ to 23″ relay racks.

Types of Equipment We Sell Include     Lucent Technologies™     Alcatel™ Equipment

    Telecom Brands We Sell, Buy And Repair


  • Microwave radio
  • Proxim Lynx Tsunami
  • Alcatel MDR
  • Adtran Tracer
  • Harris DVM Constellation
  • DMC Stratex XP4
  • Multiplexers
  • CAC Widebank 28
  • Adit 600
  • Alcatel 1603
  • Nortel DMS
  • Fujitsu FLM
  • Data equipment
  • Cisco 15454
  • WIC-1DSU
  • Edgelink
  • DDM1000
  • DDM2000
  • DACS
  • SLC5
  • FT200
  • MDR 4000
  • MDR 5000
  • MDR 6000
  • MDR 8000
  • MDR 3118
  • MDR 3418
  • MDR 7000
  • ASAM 1000
  • ASAM 7300
  • 1603SM